National Nutrition Month

2018 National Nutrition Month

Thank you to this year’s National Nutrition Month Co-Chairs, Amber Colvin and Brittany Boulduc!

VAND hosted 3 opportunities to serve our community for this year’s National Nutrition Month. VAND members served at Halifax Urban Ministries Bridge of Hope, hosted a “Breakfast for Your Brain” presentation to high school students, and gathered food to benefit Food Brings Hope.

Tasha Brickhouse, Brittany Boulduc, and Amber Colvin serving at Halifax Urban Ministries

Amber Colvin helping prepare a hot meal at Halifax Urban Ministries

Joy Midkiff presenting “Breakfast for your Brain” to students at Spruce Creek High School. 

2017 National Nutrition Month- 2nd Annual Food Drive

VAND had another successful food drive to help our community in 2017!

A total of 936 pounds of donated food and 30 “Eating Healthy on a Budget” handouts were provided to the east and west Salvation Army Food Pantries.

Catherine DesRuisseau , VAND’s 2017 National Nutrition Month Chair, worked tirelessly to develop, organize, and implement our food drive! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Catherine DesRuisseau dropping off food at the Salvation Army

The following list is a breakdown of the individuals and organizations who participated in the food drive.  A very big thank you to these dedicated dietitians who are passionate about helping provide food for those in need!

Joy Midkiff & Kim Koevenig-Halifax Hospital-500#

Tasha Brickhouse- Pentecostals of Deland-250#

Catherine DesRuisseau-Natural Market Deland-94#

Stacey Scrabis-Seabreeze High School-70#

Sarah Brunnig-Stetson College-22#


Tasha Brickhouse

Stacey Scrabis

Kim Koevenig and Joy Midkiff-Biggest Donation!












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